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Different countries have their own COC requirements. We help you to meet these requirements and export your products without any hassle.

SASO Certification

CoC program is Conceived by SASO to ensure that products imported into Saudi Arabia have met the necessary Health, Safety and Security prerequisites.

SONCAP Certification

SONCAP means Standard Organization of Nigerian Conformity Assessment Program. This organization ensures that products exported to Nigeria meet minimum safety requirements.

Kenya COC Certification

A Kenya COC (Certificate of Conformity) certification can be defined as a required document that is needed for customs export clearance to Kenya.

Iran COC Certification

Iran VOC/COI clearance certificate is a mandatory document used to control the quality of goods imported into the country.

Egypt COC Certification

Egypt CoC / GOEIC certificate is mandatory document for Customs clearance of exports & imports consignments to many countries.

Iraq COC Certification

Iraq COC iѕ a сеrtifiсаtе provided by the Cеntrаl Orgаnizаtiоn for Standardization аnd Quаlitу Cоntrоl (COSQC) or any ассrеditеd firmѕ.

Our Organization

We, CIL is a leading COC (certificate of conformity) providing company in India. We provide COC for different countries like:
Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, Tanzania, Iran, Iraq etc.

We are a global leader in quality certification and compliance services provider. We have more than 10000 clients in India and abroad. We provide certificate of compliance in low cost and in minimum time frame.

Why us?

  • Faster certification process
  • Competitive fee
  • Qualified and experienced staff
  • Presence in all metro cities of India
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Our Mission is to provide consumer-centric certification services with mission to enhances operations and administration performance of client-organizations. We are committed to improve business performance of our clients/customers with effective certification of management systems, inspection and verification and add value to the process/system.


To exist together in the future with our clients by sharing our knowledge with them.

Latest News

SASO has launched a new Saudi Product Safety Program named as "SALEEM". Which will replace the current Conformity Assessment program.
SASO has introduced new SABER platform that allows investors and local manufacturer to electronically obtain the required Certificate of Conformity and Certificate of Shipment Conformity for consumer goods.
SASO has announced the enforcement of SASO Technical Regulation (SASO TR) for degradable plastic products.
The new requirement mandates that all courier shipments valid, or not valid for Forex, must now also apply for a Form M and follow SONCAP procedures.


We take services of CDG for SASO certification & SONCAP certification for exports to KSA & Nigeria respectively. They always delivered services in time & fee is also very competitive. I recommend this company to every exporter for CoC certifications.