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Gulf Conformity Marking

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Gulf conformity marking (G-Mark)

People who aren’t familiarized with selling or importing electrical products probably won’t know about the G-MARK certificate, what it is for, how it works, and why is it so important to have it. Although it is understandable considering how new the gulf mark is, it’s necessary to know about it, specially if you’re in the market, and today, we’re going to take a look at this new rule.

What is G-MARK?

The G-MARK, also known as The Gulf Mark is nothing more than a new requirement for low voltage electrical equipment and appliances that are being sold to the countries who are part of the Gulf Standardization Organization.

To put it simply, it’s a new rule or certification that’s part of the new set of requirements for these types of equipments that are being directly sold to these specific countries. The reason why this requirement has became so popular later it’s because it’s targeted to most children’s toys, making exportation of these products harder than before since they have to meet new standards.

Benefits of G-Mark certification?

Like we just said, children’s toys that are either being manufactured or imported to the gulf states must meet a certain level of requirements to be able to enter to these countries.

These type of requirements include regulations related to: Mechanical, chemical, electrical, hygiene and more properties of the toys/electrical products.

That being said, it means that these toys need to go through a series of examinations and tests dones by a notified body laboratory and specific Gulf examination processes to pass, and that’s when the G-MARK certification comes in.

This G-MARK certificate guarantees that these products are safe to transport, export and sell, but what’s even more important, the G-MARK certification actually allows you, as a seller, to have access to all the countries that are part of this agreement, giving you the opportunity to sell these electrical products there.

G-MARK Certification process

Getting the G-MARK certificate isn’t as complicated as it might seem. We are one of the very first organizations that are registered an allowed to give this certification as a notified body under the Gulf Technical Regulations.

To get this certification, you’ll have to go through certain evaluation and examination processes that includes everything from investigating the technical documentation, risk analysis, and the manufacturer’s background to make sure absolutely everything is right. Of course, to achieve the G-MARK certificate the manufacture has to ensure quality in every state of production, otherwise, acquiring this certificate won’t be possible.