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Iran COC certification

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What is Iran VOC/COI clearance Certification?

Iran VOC/COI clearance certificate is a mandatory document used to control the quality of goods imported into the country. VOC stands for Verification of Conformity while COI stands for Certificate of Inspection.

According to the Iran Institute of Standards (ISIRI), all the regulated goods imported into the country need to have Iran’s VOC/COI clearance certificate in other to bring their goods into Iran. The goods listed on the ISIRI’s mandatory verification of conformity list is required to undergo visual inspection and standards verification. In situations where your goods are shipped without visual inspection, the Iranian law states that such goods are to be inspected at the destination of an Iranian Inspection Company.

Importers and exporters are required to understand the benefits of having a clearance certificate and the need for compliance. Without Iran’s VOC clearance certificate, the custom will reject and deny the release of all regulated products arriving at the Iranian land borders, ports, or airports. The certification is required in other to avoid delays caused by the testing of the product to know if it meets the requirements of the Iran Institute of Standards.

Iran VOC/COI clearance Certification Process

Submit an application with the required documentation. The required documentation includes Letter of Credit, direct customer contact information, cargo packaging status, formal invoices, and other preliminary information.

Then, the goods have to be tested in the laboratory, after testing the shipment will be subjected to physical verification to ensure that the products are matched by the document and there are no deviations. The VOC clearance certification will then be issued after the certification.

Benefits of Iran VOC/COI clearance Certification

1 The VOC/COI clearance Certification will help you avoid additional expenses that may arise from fines, deferrals, reallocation of the goods, and other expenses.
2 It protects the Iranian consumers from unsafe and inferior goods by increasing the superiority of goods on the market
3 Better tracking and monitoring of goods imported into Iran.
4 It gives consumers better value for money in terms of the quality of goods.
5 It encourages exporters and manufacturers to improve the quality of their products, so as to be ISIRI certified for conformity