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Libya COC Certification

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What is Libya COC Certification?

A Libya COC (Certificate of Conformity) certification can be defined as a compulsory document that is needed for customs export clearance to Libya.

The Libya COC certificate reveals that the goods that are being exported have comply and adhere to all the essential technical rules and regional, national or international standards of the importing country. This will help in protecting the health and ensuring the safety of citizens from substandard or artificial imported goods and also give them the certainty they require in their local market. This Libya COC certification is a compulsory document that is needed for Customs clearance:
In accordance with a publication of a resolution of the Governor of Central Bank of Libya in May 10, 2015, all goods and all services imported into Libya will need a Libya COC certificate.

This brand new resolution controls the utilization of foreign exchange for revealing letters of credit (L/C). With an immediate effect, all goods imported to Libya have to show a Libya COC certificate issued by the international conformity company, so as to be financed through a documentary letter of credit from a commercial banking institution.

Libya COC Certification process

The resolution consists of a new process requirement for the issuance of letter of credit by commercial banks. The Libya COC certificate process together with obtaining a letter of credit include:
Every commercial banks functioning in the field for opening letter of credit for the main purpose of importing goods from abroad are expected to get a Libya COC certificate issued by an international conformity company of the imported goods as an essential part of the standard process for opening a letter of credit.
Payment by a way of collection against documents for the purposes of goods importation to private and public sectors through all commercial banks in Libya, is stopped temporarily. All procedures of goods and services importation from abroad will be funded by documentary letter of credit to be opened for this reason, under the present effective rules.
Importers and exporters of any regulated product to Libya could contact Chamber International to get more information on the programmed and apply for COC for the purpose of exporting goods.

Benefits of Libya COC Certification

Below are some of the benefits associated with obtaining a Libya COC certificate:

Export goods without hassle – By obtaining a Libya COC certificate, you can be sure that all your goods and services exportation will be prompt and easy without any kind of stress, fatigue or drawback. Libya COC certification serves as an easy pathway for all exporters.

No issue with customs – Do you hate being embarrassed and questioned by customs officials? Then you need to make sure you have obtained Libya COC certification before exporting your goods. With this document, customs will have no choice but also ensure your exportation is successful.

Legally allowed to export goods – Possessing a Libya COC certification is an assurance that your goods exporting activities is in accordance with the law in Libya, thus you can be sure that your exportation will not be interrupted or cancelled half way.